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  • Manipulation of 3D objects

    Components that extend the Adobe AIR environment

    Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

    Numerical and statistical algorithms

    Animation effects

    Components that extend the Appcelerator Titanium framework

    Automation of tasks using human-like intelligence

    Voice and music data generation and manipulation

    Access details about the current browser

    Store and retrieve data from cache storage

    Chating and instant messaging

    Chrome browser extensions

    Compressing and decompressing data

    Command line and console utilities

    Components and tools to manage content

    Encrypting, decrypting and hashing data

    Modeling and manipulating data types

    Database management, accessing and searching

    Tools for debugging

    Online stores, shopping baskets and payment methods

    Sending, receiving and validating e-mail

    Packages that require EcmaScript 6 features

    Handle and process registered events

    Listing, accessing and manipulating files and folders

    Money, exchanging, taxes and stocks

    Interact with Flash page elements

    Generate and process forms

    Sports and online games

    Locations, mapping and demographics

    Colors, images, charts and picture formats

    HTML generation, editing and parsing

    Localization and translation of texts and locale values

    Components that extend the jQuery framework

    Constructs to assist in the language control

    Frameworks and libraries of cooperating classes

    Mathematical calculations

    Communicate with remote hosts over a network

    Components that extend the Node.js framework

    Programming language interpreters and format parsers

    Measure and optimize the performance of systems

    Components that extend the PhoneGap or other Cordova project extensions

    Document generation and preparation for printing

    Components that use the RaphaŽl SVG framework

    Security protection and attack detection

    Tools and components to integrate with social networking sites

    Template processing engines and components

    Tools to help verifying that software works as expected

    Parsing, manipulating and validating text

    Time and date values, events, formats and conversion

    Packages written in TypeScript

    General purpose tools to simplify software development

    Verification of the validity of values

    Movies and video data generation and manipulation

    Weather forecasting

    Web data clipping, REST, SOAP or XML-RPC clients and servers

    XML parsing and generation