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Name: Sebastian Schlapkohl <contact>
Classes: 1
Country: Germany Germany
Age: 41
All time rank: 573 in Germany Germany
Week rank: 6 Up1 in Germany Germany Up
All time users: 461
Week users: 0
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General purpose functions missing in jQuery
This package provides general purpose functions missing in jQuery library.

It extends the jQuery object, jQuery enabled objects and selectors to provide many additional features useful for different purposes like:

- creating jQuery-enabled DOM-elements on the fly
- checking if a variable exists, is set and if it has a certain type
- checking if an object all has given variables set
- complex replacing or truncating of strings
- (re)scheduling timed invocations of callback functions
- reloading the current page or redirecting the browser to a new URL with complex parameter sets
- setting or getting the current URL anchor or cookie values
- extracting CSS property values for code or template use
- deselecting any content in a page or make a dom element unselectable
- measuring hidden elements
- etc.
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