File: examples/4gl/ex_groupContainer.lib

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File: examples/4gl/ex_groupContainer.lib
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: WAJAF
Build single page applications
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Last change: Update of examples/4gl/ex_groupContainer.lib
Date: 2 years ago
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<?php /* We simulate a table with 10 records. We simulate insert, update, delete but do not do it really */ class ex_groupContainer { function myform() { $order = null; if (isset($_POST['order'])) $order = $_POST['order']; if (isset($_POST['key'])) $key = $_POST['key']; if (isset($_POST['mode'])) $mode = $_POST['mode']; if (!$order || !$mode) return json_encode( array('error' => true, 'errormessage' => 'Error: there is no order or mode to listen to the form' )); switch($order) { case 'getrecord': $r = $this->getRecord($key); return json_encode($r); case 'first': $r = $this->getRecord(1); return json_encode($r); case 'last': $r = $this->getRecord(10); return json_encode($r); case 'previous': if ($key > 1) $key--; $r = $this->getRecord($key); return json_encode($r); case 'next': if ($key < 10) $key++; $r = $this->getRecord($key); return json_encode($r); case 'submit': break; } // randomly return a sucess or an error if (rand(0, 1000) < 500) return json_encode( array('success' => true )); return json_encode( array('success' => false, 'messages' => array('text' => 'Error: This is a simulated error from the server. It happens randomly to show how the errors are handled.'))); } function getRecord($key) { if (!$key || !is_numeric($key) || $key < 1 || $key > 10) $key = rand(1,10); return array($key => array('key' => $key, 'fullname' => 'Juan Perez Hernandez '.$key, 'address1' => "Street $key, num $key, int. $key", 'address2' => "City of city$key, State of state$key, Mexico")); } } ?>