File: example_text.html

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File: example_text.html
Role: Example script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Example of 3d text
Class: Anaglyph 3D
Present text and images ready for 3D viewing
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Date: 11 years ago
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<!DOCTYPE html> <!-- /************************************************************* * This script is developed by Arturs Sosins aka ar2rsawseen, * Feel free to distribute and modify code, but keep reference to its creator * * Anaglyph3D class creates a stereoscopic 3D effect for images or texts * by means of encoding each eye's image using filters of different colors . * It is possible to specify color filters for each eye to use, * thus adapting image or text for all type of anaglyphic glasses. * * For more information, examples and online documentation visit: * **************************************************************/ --> <html> <head> <style> p { font-size: 120px; } </style> </head> <body> <p id='red_green'>Red Green text</p> <p id='red_blue'>Red Blue text</p> <p id='red_cyan'>Red Cyan text</p> <p id='magenta_green'>Magenta Green text</p> <p id='magenta_cyan'>Magenta Cyan text</p> <script type="text/javascript" src="./anaglyph3d.packed.js" ></script> <script type="text/javascript"> //red green var rg = new Anaglyph3D({ left: "red", right: "green" }); rg.text("red_green") //red blue var rb = new Anaglyph3D({ left: "red", right: "blue" }).text("red_blue"); //red cyan var rc = new Anaglyph3D({ left: "red", right: "cyan" }).text("red_cyan"); //magenta green var mg = new Anaglyph3D({ left: "magenta", right: "green" }).text("magenta_green"); //magenta cyan var mc = new Anaglyph3D({ left: "magenta", right: "cyan" }).text("magenta_cyan"); </script> </body> </html>