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Class: Advanced jQuery Scroll Progress Tracker
Show side bar with the page scroll progress
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Last change: Version 1.2.2
- Fixed some of the calculations (s. ReadMe.html for details)
Date: 2 years ago
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Advanced jQuery Scroll Progress Tracker v1.2.2

Dynamic Scroll Progress Tracker plugin for jQuery

(c) 2016 David Whitworth (

Released under the GNU General Public License (GPL)


A very versatile jQuery plugin that creates either a horizontal or a vertical (or both) scroll progress indicator based on your content. It is highly customizable and has a built-in linking function, so it can be used as an interactive table of contents.

Using the various options it is also possible to display one tracker (for example vertical) on large screens and another (horizontal in this case) on small screens. On top of that it is very easy to control the position, behaviour and appearance of each tracker individually.


  1. Copy the files from the css and js directories to your corresponding asset directories.
  2. Include the advanced-progress-tracker.css or advanced-progress-tracker.min.css in the `<head>`
<link href="css/advanced-progress-tracker.min.css" rel="stylesheet" />

  1. Include jQuery (if you haven't already) followed by advanced-progress-tracker.js or advanced-progress-tracker.min.js in the `<head>`
<script src=""></script>
<script src="js/advanced-progress-tracker.min.js"></script>

  1. Initialize the plugin below the included scripts, like so:
<script type='text/javascript'>

Or with custom options...

<script type='text/javascript'>
        horNumbering: false,
        horTitles: true,
        horMobileOnly: true,
        verTracker: true,


You can find a more detailed introduction that uses the script here:

Update history (see ReadMe.html for detailed update notes)

Version 1.2.2


  • Once more fixed the calculations

Version 1.2.1


  • Added "Tips & Tricks" and "Miscellaneous" sections to the ReadMe.html
  • Removed superfluous elements
  • Automatically adjust the max-width of .spt-centerAll if necessary
  • Moved the different color-presets out of the main stylesheet


  • Fixed a mistake that occured when the height/padding-top where changed by the user
  • Made the positioning values for the horTitlesOffset option dynamic

Version 1.2


  • Changed the way headlines are tracked
  • Dynamically changes the space used by the vertical tracker on large screens

New features:

  • Added option trackViewportOnly
  • Added options horColor and verColor

Version 1.1.4


  • Changed the names of all classes and ids
  • Reduced the package size

Version 1.1.3


  • Revised all the calculations to eliminate redundancy and bugs

Version 1.1.2


  • Adjusted the default value for mobileThreshold and the max-width of .centerAll to prevent collisions with the vertical tracker
  • Repositions the vertical tracker as soon as the available space allows it

Version 1.1.1


  • Fixed a positioning bug for the vertical tracker

Version 1.1


  • Fixed the combination of horOnlyActiveTitles and horStops: false
  • Fixed the behavior of horOnlyActiveTitles, linking and skipHeadlines

New features:

  • Added title-attribute to the bullets of the horizontal tracker
  • Added option horInHeader
  • Added option horCenter
  • Added options and styles for horStyle and verStyle
  • Added option trackAllHeadlines


I'd like to thank Rene Mansveld ( for providing me with the "headline only markup"-solution.


If you're interested in my other plugins, like the "read more" plugin used in the ReadMe.html, feel free to download them from GitHub or

Questions & Feedback

If you have any questions, notice any bugs, have issues getting the plugin to work, have an idea for a cool feature to be added, or would like to leave any other kind of feedback, feel free to contact me under

Also, please, feel free to send me links to websites where you used this! =)