File: examples/4gl/ex_gridContainerSimple.xml

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File: examples/4gl/ex_gridContainerSimple.xml
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: WAJAF
Build single page applications
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Last change: Update of examples/4gl/ex_gridContainerSimple.xml
Date: 2 years ago
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <application id="ex_gridContainerSimple"> <!-- Note important: the min-width of the container should be always: max field size + 480px (help size) --> <container type="gridContainer" id="mygrid" style="min-width: 880px;" width="max" height="max"> <zone type="column" size="100" field="key" title="Key"> </zone> <zone type="column" size="300" field="name" title="Name"> </zone> <zone type="column" size="300" field="field1" title="Field 1"> </zone> <dataset> {row:[ {key:1,name:'Name of 1',field1:'field of 1'}, {key:2,name:'Name of 2',field1:'field of 2'}, {key:3,name:'Name of 3',field1:'field of 3'}, {key:4,name:'Name of 4',field1:'field of 4'}, {key:5,name:'Name of 5',field1:'field of 5'}, {key:6,name:'Name of 6',field1:'field of 6'}, {key:7,name:'Name of 7',field1:'field of 7'}, {key:8,name:'Name of 8',field1:'field of 8'}, {key:9,name:'Name of 9',field1:'field of 9'}, {key:10,name:'Name of 10',field1:'field of 10'}, {key:11,name:'Name of 11',field1:'field of 11'}, {key:12,name:'Name of 12',field1:'field of 12'}, {key:13,name:'Name of 13',field1:'field of 13'}, {key:14,name:'Name of 14',field1:'field of 14'}, {key:15,name:'Name of 15',field1:'field of 15'}, {key:16,name:'Name of 16',field1:'field of 16'}, {key:17,name:'Name of 17',field1:'field of 17'}, {key:18,name:'Name of 18',field1:'field of 18'}, {key:19,name:'Name of 19',field1:'field of 19'}, {key:20,name:'Name of 20',field1:'field of 20'}, {key:21,name:'Name of 21',field1:'field of 21'}, {key:22,name:'Name of 22',field1:'field of 22'}, {key:23,name:'Name of 23',field1:'field of 23'}, {key:24,name:'Name of 24',field1:'field of 24'}, {key:25,name:'Name of 25',field1:'field of 25'}, {key:26,name:'Name of 26',field1:'field of 26'}, {key:27,name:'Name of 27',field1:'field of 27'}, {key:28,name:'Name of 28',field1:'field of 28'}, {key:29,name:'Name of 29',field1:'field of 29'}, {key:30,name:'Name of 30',field1:'field of 30'}, {key:31,name:'Name of 31',field1:'field of 31'}, {key:32,name:'Name of 32',field1:'field of 32'}, {key:33,name:'Name of 33',field1:'field of 33'}, {key:34,name:'Name of 24',field1:'field of 34'}, {key:35,name:'Name of 25',field1:'field of 35'}, {key:36,name:'Name of 26',field1:'field of 36'}, {key:37,name:'Name of 27',field1:'field of 37'}, {key:38,name:'Name of 28',field1:'field of 38'}, {key:39,name:'Name of 29',field1:'field of 39'}, {key:40,name:'Name of 30',field1:'field of 40'}, {key:41,name:'Name of 31',field1:'field of 41'}, {key:42,name:'Name of 32',field1:'field of 42'}, {key:43,name:'Name of 33',field1:'field of 43'} ]} </dataset> </container> </application>